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My father currently receives 3 hours of care a day ( paid for by direct payments form the Council) - I am extremely grateful but his health is deteriorating and it simply isn't enough. I am currently providing additional care myself as well as working full time and its simply too much - I feel like I am going to break. He has complex health concerns - is hemiplegic following a stroke, has end stage kidney failure, diabetes, high blood pressure, angina, colitis , is deaf and going blind. In terms of personal care he needs help with getting washed, dressed, fed, taking his medication, going to the toilet (he is incontinent up to 5 times a day), standing and walking (he's had a number of falls). I also have to do his shopping, bills, household cleaning/ washing clothes and sheets , sort his medication and accompany him to his GP/ hearing appointments. I have asked the Council to review his existing care package but informally have been told by the duty social worker that they are very unlikely to increase the hours as they simply don't have the resource. Am I being unrealistic in trying to get them to increase them by up to ten hours per week (not least so someone can help put him to ed which I am having to do myself at the moment)? We have discussed a nursing home but there aren't any places locally, Social Worker says they cant afford it and Dad really doesn't want to go. If I won the lottery my dream would be for him to get additional hours of care but I just dont know how realistic this is. Does anyone get more than 3 hours per day? is that even possible?
Has anyone mentioned NHS Continuing Healthcare to you?
Write by Recorded Delivery to the GP and ask him to arrange an assessment for you. Meanwhile Google "Continuing Healthcare Framework and Checklist Assessment".
Social Services CANNOT refuse to do an assessment when needs have changed, and CANNOT refuse care for someone with critical needs. Make a formal complaint, again sent Recorded Delivery to the LA's complaints officer - details should be on their website.
Meanwhile, find out more about nursing homes in your area.
I would say they're trying it on!!!

It's no good the SW saying 'they can't afford it' - they HAVE to afford it!

They are simply trying to get YOU to continue doing what you are doing for your dad until his medical conditions finally prove fatal.....and if that means you giving up your job, and becoming penniless (ie, living on Carers Allowance!) what should they care??

The bottom line is that if YOU did not exist, they would HAVE to look after your father themselves! They can't leave him 'uncared' for, can they?

Tell them you'll move away from the area and hand him over to them unless they pull their fingers out.

They are trying it on. (Yes, of course they're broke, but that isn't YOUR problem. They can cut back on some of the useless things that money is wasted on - oh, let's see, how about Transgender Diverisity Awareness Programmes or 'Keep Warm in Winter' Programmes, blah blah blah etc)

Your father has paid taxes and NI all his long life - this is NOT charity you are asking for!
Hello Faye
While following BBs excellent advice, as you mention 'end stage kidneys failure' try contracting your local hospice as well They may well 'be able to point you to other organisations if they can't help you themselves