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Re: My brothers going in a home and "above" £23,250

Posted: Fri Sep 29, 2017 8:40 pm
by Tony_170612
Thanks for your replies. Couldn't post earlier as I've been a bit off it sorry., and got a sustained headache.

I didn't go today , but my siblings went, and regarding. Top up fees, its £20 a piece from them, tops. They cant (wont?) pay any more, so I've got to pay £100 pe month, and the rest (£60) will be paid @£20 a piece from my 3 family members.

Ill have a look at the other stuff over the weekend BB as very tired now. Goodnight.

PS: my siblings seem happy to tell me they're paying £20 per month, so - sarcastically (trust me, its not me - REALLY) i text my siblings to ask them if my brother is worth just 71 pence a day to them? (That's £20 per month).