Any parents with teenagers with Anxiety issues.

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
I am looking for parents/carers with teenage with anxiety issues. I have tried my local parent carer group but no one has a child/teenager with anxiety. The children were all with physical special needs so I gave up going. It would be great to find about parent with a child with this issue.
Hi Sausage,
There are a few members who have experience of caring for teens and young people with anxiety, who will be along to offer support. Often (but not always,) the anxiety runs alongside another condition, which may or may not have been diagnosed yet.

The Young Minds website has useful advice for parents and is worth looking at.

My daughter has severe social anxiety, depression and derealisation. She began having seizures in May, thought to be related to her high levels of anxiety and stress.It's so hard to know how to help isn't it? My daughter had no problems until she was 14 then it all hit her like a ton of bricks.
She used to be a British level competing gymnast, very capable and sunny natured. She struggles to see her friends now and has had to leave gym.
It breaks my heart to see what she goes through on a daily basis. Plus it is so exhausting, mentally and emotionally for all the family who love her so much and feel so helpless.
Will be happy to chat.