Hi, She can't stand, I presume, or she could use two non-bariatric scales. It was once necessary to weigh my brother. Hospitals sometimes have hoists with a weighing function, but the one we happened to encounter was broken. Later social services (incorrectly) told us we can't use a certain recliner...
Very nice, Eun. I feel for you.
Trying this:
Just teasing. But although I have some good old photos, I can't find them easily at the moment as I need to spend many hours with Lightroom.
People don't always like to see this kind of picture.
Well, I will look out the better fox and squirrel photos if I can find them.
Is this an open part of the forum so that its originator (or one of its originators apparently) could see it? I hope thread drift is OK... ;) But a hot-air balloon?
I am a bit worried about this. What is the title of the thread? Who is deviating from it? Surely not our moderator?! Am I really expected to put pictures of squirrels and foxes on here?
Just saying.
Nice squirrels, Susie. I actually went on a birdwatching course recently and one session was walking round St. James' Park. You may all know the pelicans whose ancestors were a gift from the Russian ambassador in the 17th century. I have not yet seen them on the public path, but still hoping. Anyway...
This is a wonderful bluetit picture, even before the editing. I have not got good pictures of them.
I don't suppose I can pass off foxes as birds. Will look through my collection. Oh, a jay perhaps.
Hi Saj, Great photo of robin. The thing is to focus on the eyes, which you have. I have hanging feeders with fat balls in them and currently often one squirrel on each (the sort that SM's friends want to shoot, if I've got that right? :o ) They pick out the seeds. Most squirrel photos are rubbish bu...
I suppose thhis thread has left with its originator, but here is another addition (not very good quality): a bluetit.