Just caught up on later posts I think you need to take the lead on this rather then asking them what they would do. You know so much more than them already. You are more experienced and have more information,. You need to adopt the role of Care Manager and tell them the options (or the solution if t...
I think that makes perfect sense. BUT - when you have two other siblings (who are in their own world) then anything I do would be criticized. (Two 'intelligent men' have not said 'we need to sit down and talk about Mum's finances'.) She also would say .... has a bank account now with my money in it...
Moby Duck
The Cap in the Hat
Hive go on an adventure
Blank Beauty
Gone with the Mind (one for all our dementia sufferers :))
The Sound of the Baskervilles
A View to a Hill
Hi Amanda His attitude certainly seems selfish, particularly the comment that you should suffer if he does. I'm amazed you've stood it so long. No wonder you are stressed and anxious. Personally I think you could look into counselling. I'm currently doing online CBT self referred as my nhs area offe...
I don't know, but do think a call to your local hospice may provide some answers and some support. Of course there's always the GP too
Hi Donna One of our members who is in holiday at the moment, would promptly diagnose you with Clapped Out Carers Syndrome and prescribe a break from caring, some regular respite and some counselling to help you cope. Do you get breaks at all? It might be time to start considering becoming more of hi...
So sorry to hear this Henrietta. If his symptoms are confusing you, they would confuse anyone. You know more than most, and care more than most. Maybe he's just feeling a bit under the weather. Its really ffrustrating when they cant express whats wrong, isnt it?