Not surprised you are upset, Katie. Have you worked out what he did with the money? Now he has done this twice, you are going to have to be so careful. You could always call his bluff and say that since it wasn't him or you who took the money, you have no choice but to report it to the police. If yo...
You can make a formal complaint against this. "Google Adult safeguarding complaint" + name of your area, to see the procedure you need to follow.

That's ridiculous!

Do you want to tell us a bit more? (Quite ok if you don't)

Hi Tracie,
Glad your complaint was upheld.
It's not right that so many care visits don't happen.

in our case DLA was paid until the PIP application was processed. I think the trouble only starts if the PIP application is rejected and you appeal.

Hi, here is a link to a blue badge survey
I filled it in because my S cannot get one, whereas he would be able to if he lived in Wales or Scotland. The survey is aimed at anyone who applied or has tried for a blue badge.

Faye, you are only human. You are juggling a job, care of your Dad and dealing with the emotional impact of your Dad bring terminally ill. It's only natural that you occasionally lose it. However you apologised, your Dad understood and forgave you, so let it go and focus instead on the lovely day yo...
Hi Hayley, Welcome to the forum. Excellent explanation of why you feel exhausted and great advice from Mrs.A. I totally agree. You are in this for the long haul, so looking after yourself is a number 1 priority. A rested, healthy, calm and restored Mum is paramount, so that you can cope. Contact a F...
((( Pet66)))

There is a condolences thread for Phill, here ... 22#p364822