<t>Whilst S is at school (his final year) I work Tuesday to Friday. I reduced my hours a couple of years ago for my sanity and have Mondays off. Of late, I seem to spend most of my precious Mondays trying to sort out funding for his college placement, catching up on paying overdue bills and other ta...
Hi Daylily,

sending you ((((( ))))) across cyber space.

How fab. Well done to all involved.
What's next?

<t>Hi Aur,<br/> <br/> you are not alone in the dilemma. I too have experience of this both from a (foster) parent perspective and also as a special needs teacher. Strategies and settings for learning disability pupils often don't suit those with autism and are not the best way to help asd pupils rea...
Hi Mand - will look out for your pm, when you have time to fathom it out. (oohh I know that feeling!)

Hi Chinarosie
thank you for your welcome. So you are based in the West Midlands too.

What get's my goat?

The number of ever changing professionals who want to take up our time just to fill in a form, that enables them to tick a box .... but helps us not a jot ... just adding to the stress of fitting them in for the visit.

Hi Susan and welcome.

<t>Hi Michael and welcome,<br/> <br/> sleep deprivation is torture. No wonder you are tired all the time. I'm glad your little brother is helping out a bit. How many days until your holiday? You never know, having stepped into your shoes for a week - he may offer to give you a bit more respite after...
Hi Lynne and welcome,

I'm new on here too. Like you the forum works for me as it can be accessed at anytime and I can try and fit it in around my committments.

I'm a single carer too ... and it is tough ...

Hi Bea and welcome, sounds like your family offer a good network of support to your Grandmother and to each other. You are all very lucky to have each other.