That was very little notice, a good job you were home. They really have no idea about caring for someone long term at home. Not surprised you are furious about the discharge letter. I think I would have to act on that as it would continue to niggle me. I do know what you mean though about you might ...
Yes David, how did you post those pics?

I've used hair spray in the past to "fix" children's artwork when they have drawn pictures in chalk or charcoal.

Seems your way at creating the rusted look is very effective.

Hi Susan,

Welcome to the forum.

There is information here that you might find helpful ... f-hospital

Hi Henrietta, Sending cyber support your way. Re large, pink pigs, flying past the window: I don't know if it's different for dementia sufferers but my friend's mum had cancer and she used to attend pamper sessions at the local hospice, if your Dad couldn't cope with that, could they visit him at ho...
Your answer is very convincing, Henrietta. I think I'll look out for a taster session.

Hi has anyone tried Nordic walking?

A friend has suggested I try it and there is a group who do it on a Monday, you only pay if you go. Just a bit worried as I have awful co-ordination.

(((Hugs))) to you both.

Hi Pete,

the email address for the helpline is

Hi, My dad "left," me at A & E as a teenager when my notes went missing and no one would take responsibility for removing my stitches ( which were well overdue for removal, with skin growing over them - ouch") Likewise, I threatened to take S to the social care office if they didn't sort out his car...
perhaps you could do what others have done and write a letter to your stepfather's GP re your concerns and ask him to invite him in for a general health check, during which he could include a memory test?