Hi Kaydee, It's not easy being a lone carer (I know and I only have one caree with autism.) This is the problem with DP isn't it, unless you have someone to pay the money to for support, they are worth nothing. Social services wanted me to find a volunteer to support my young man! As if there was a ...
Hi Sarah,
I would look on the RNIB and SENSE websites, for info on visual impairment. Since she has ADHD I would say she's most likely benefit from opportunities to burn off some energy safely.

I used to foster and was a member of The Fostering Network. The Fostering Network supported Kinship Carers too.

Oh Mary, you'll need a stay in a rest home yourself to recover from the saga of planning for this holiday!

I can't get over the POF's daughter! Why doesn't SHE sleep on the camper van?! Selfish mare!

This is very unfair. Shocking.

Hi Mehrdad,

Welcome to the forum.

I don't have experience of caring for someone with your wife's condition but one thing I have learnt on the forum is that regardless of our caree's needs many of the issues we face are the same.

I hope you find the forum welcoming and supportive.

David, mine are saved on my iPad. Like Susie, I can post them on other forums and on the old carer's one but just not on here anymore. :?


Susie, I fear us mods are going off topic!
That's great Gilli.

It's a pity it doesn't get more news coverage like the ParaOlympicss and Invictus Games, then more would know about it.

S goes to Special Olympics too. It's a great way to network and meet others.

.... Then her meds start working around 6pm so I understand she wants to get up, because she can. But then I'm so exhausted from a week of not sleeping and the constant sadness I go to bed early around nine to then be woken at 10 because she's stuck and she thinks it's ok, but I'm at the end of my ...
That was very little notice, a good job you were home. They really have no idea about caring for someone long term at home. Not surprised you are furious about the discharge letter. I think I would have to act on that as it would continue to niggle me. I do know what you mean though about you might ...