Hi ,Sue the photos are on my laptop ,don't use photobucket anymore they have started charging silly money .
I use Imgur now ,simple to use .
Hi ,just followed the on screen instructions ,better than the old forum ,didn't want to try and post in the members section in case it blew a fuse or crashed the system . Pierre ,model makers are a strange lot ,i could mention rivet counters but i won't ,but i just did . Military vehicles get dirty ...
Pierre_1707 wrote:
Fri Sep 29, 2017 8:18 pm
Makes a refreshing change from the usual fluffy bunny pictures, I'll grant you that.
But why exactly would any sane person want to create rusty models of antique weapons of mass destruction?

Who said i was sane ?.
DSC_0001.JPG Here is a 1/35 scale T62 . There is a technique in model making called the hairspray method (stop sniggering at the back) you paint the model ,then spray it with acrylic floor polish ( i won't warn you again) then you can in this case paint it as if it has had an attack of the rust wor...
Hi ,i used to make them when i was a kid ,stopped in 1975 and took it up again in 2011 ,agreed it takes you mind off being a carer . Hoping to get some respite for my brother so i can go to IPMS Telford in November . The modelling site where you post looks ok ,i use Britmodellers to post photos and ...
Hi ,our housing assoc said i can't put a cat flap in our UPVC front door because it would weaken it ,seen some people on youtube doing it so i am confused . If i can't do that thinking of having one put in the bathroom window ,we are on the ground floor . A mate of my nephew said he would do it for ...
Lived in the same small village since we were 4 ,apart from 1988 to 97 when i lived in London . Bit of a culture shock is not the right phrase to describe my first thoughts . Mainly lived within dashing distance of the M1 ,Finchley ,Parmers Green ,Enfield . Lived in Cranfield near Heathrow for a bit...
Hi ,Anne we have a type of vinyl in the kitchen ,it looks like laminate .
Carpet is the devils invention ,along with ,
microwaves ,
hoovers ,
and the Hanger Lane Gyratory System ,
Having trouble finding Members corner ,have to click on the profile button or notifications to get in ,and if i click on my username there is both a login ,and a logout option .