Social Care Costs ? Tory Proposal & LAs CT Increases To Fund

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Frightening that the last 2 lines talk about 'the amount relatives have to pay.

Has the law changed?
One can only assume interpretation of said Rules ... a case of reading between the lines ... exactly how they expect to achive that aim would be very revealing ?

If an applicant does not question fees , I am sure that most LAs would stay silent ... and count their windfalls ?

To mislead any applicants is , of course , wrong ... several cases only recently of regular posters advising newbies NOT to contribute towards costs as there is no legal obligation to do so ... care home fees shortfall being high on the list ?

Therein lies what actually happens across the country.

Many applicants haven't a clue when dealing with LAs.

We , as carers , know but ... how many out there just open their wallets / purses without any questions being asked ?
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