Care Home Residents For Sale : Now Sold !

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Daily Chuckle for this one , raises some rather interesting questions : ... donor.html
Half of Bupa’s care homes to be sold to Labour donor Chai Patel for £450 Million

Patel, who became embroiled in the cash-for-peerages scandal in 2005, created HC-One in 2011 and it took over a third of Southern Cross’s homes after the firm collapsed. Since then HC-One has been on a major acquisition spree.

HC-One ?

We're on a mission to be the first choice care home for Residents and colleagues in each of the communities we serve

The free market economy in all it's glory ... mere chattels sold ... and to a " Charity " ?

Only time will tell .... how can a " Charity " be a charity and yet offer services which need a business type model to run ?

A charity is a charity , a business is a business ... never the twain shall meet ?
HC-One was sold in 2014 to a group of private equity firms including Formation Capital for £477million. The transaction netted the HC-One management team, including Patel and its directors, around £30 million
All businesses are about profit, but its obscene some of the monies being made on the backs of those that are elderly and/or disabled. If even half of the £30m was ploughed back in to providing/increasing services, it would be a help.

Charity / business ?


It is NOT for the Government to wash it's hands of responsibilty for the welfare of it's most vunerable citizens by shunting them off to the private sector ... to either charities or businesses.

Clearly , there is a need for the Law to be changed so as to spell out the accountability and responsibilities of all concerned in the new state of things.

In theory , LAs can be changed through the ballot box.

What of charities / businesses ?

By the application of charity and / or company law ?

Same offences but different provisions allied with penalties ?

Regulators ?

It needs sorting ... now !