Kinship Carers ? The Two Child Trap And Guidance

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Interesting ... for those readers following this thread , tomorrow's debate appears to be live on Parliament tv :

That's what it said on the tin , let's hope what's inside matches the label ?

Tomorrow's attendance ?

Bookies are offering even money on 10 ... or less !
Post match analysis ?

Certainly more " Interesting " than the last Carers Day broadcast ... if one likes 0-0 draws ?

Usual pats on the head allround ... couple of local constituent cases ... and very little goal mouth action.

Emphasis on what the Guardian article revealed ... see very first post on this thread.

Nothing more off putting than reading from a prepared script ... anyone could have done just that !!!

Not much from our position as family carers BUT ... so much crosses over into our territory.

Many FAMILY carers are also KINSHIP carers ... what out there classifies one carer as one or the other ?

If , and a big IF , measures are brought in for " Kinship " carers , what does that mean for " Family " carers if even a wafer thin line cannot distinguish between the two ?

Questions that remain unanswered ... time for our supporting organisations to take a butcher's ??????

As for Melanie Onn , a definite improvment on Barbara Keeley ... and that's not saying much ... might score a couple of goals ... in a Sunday morning match at your local park ... provided , of course , the LA have enough spare funds to cut the grass ???

Let's see what transpires ...
Full televised debate available online : ... ed5d907522

Fast forward to , around , 11.05 am.