Birmingham City has a fight on its hands!!

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Thanks again Chris. I managed to attend and help the latest petition by the local Farmers market and together we got approx 300 signatures. The stall holders came over too. Not one single person spoke for the closure. All where sympathetic to us.I urge any of you to sign. One day it might affect you and I will sign in support which ever way you choose.

Thanks Jeanette ... early days ... on my usual " Calender " for carers ... 2008 ... I hope the campaign bypasses 2009 ... the year that virtually killed all carer hopes stone dead ... and we are all still suffering as a result. ... hilit=2009
Hi Jeanette ... any progress ?

Suits now involved ?

All suits have priorities ... like winning the lottery , having one the same as yours ???

Or control still in the hands of the grass roots ?

Momentum is key ... keep it going at all costs !